ISO/IEC 27001 Certification - Suspension/ Cancellation

AARC-360 shall be entitled to suspend or cancel the Client’s certification on fifteen days written notice (or with immediate effect in the case of urgent need, as determined at the sole reasonable discretion of AARC-360) and reserves the right to make public the fact that such action has been taken when, in the reasonable opinion of AARC-360:

Where it considers it appropriate, AARC-360 shall inform the Client of its intention to suspend or cancel certification and to allow the Client a reasonable opportunity to take corrective action, within such time frame as AARC-360 may reasonably specify, before the suspension or cancellation takes effect.

In the event of AARC-360’s cancellation from accreditation or inability to continue to supply the certification accredited by the Accreditation Body, AARC-360 will notify the Client within 30 days of such cancellation or inability and the Certificates relating to the respective scope of the Accreditation Body will be suspended ipso facto within six months after the effective date of cancellation or inability.

On suspension or cancellation of certification, the Client shall immediately cease to use any trademarks associated with AARC-360 and the Accreditation Body, or to sell any products that have previously been labelled or marked (or authorized for labelling and marking) using the trademarks and cease to make any claims that imply that they comply with the requirements for certification.

The Client shall notify all relevant existing customers of the suspension or cancellation through the communication medium of the Client’s choosing within fifteen business days (or any other period as determined by AARC-360) of the cancellation or suspension taking effect and maintain records of that notice.

The Client shall, at the request of AARC-360, either destroy all electronic and hardcopy Certificates relating to the certification and at its own expense remove all claims, service marks, trademarks, other names or logos and copyright works from products, documents, advertising and marketing materials with immediate effect or return all such certification materials to AARC-360. The Client shall also reasonably cooperate with AARC-360 and the relevant Accreditation Body to confirm that these obligations have been met and shall, if requested in writing, confirm in writing the destruction or return of all such certification materials by an authorized representative of Client.