Which SOC Examination is Right for Your Organization?

Does your organization need a SOC examination? If so, which one? In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, with a heavy focus on cybersecurity, more and more service providers are being required by clients or prospective clients to obtain a System and Organization Controls (SOC) examination to conduct business. If this sounds familiar and your […]

Successfully Marketing Your SOC Report

Successfully Marketing Your SOC Report

Underutilized benefit of SOC reporting Two questions we often hear from organizations going through the SOC reporting process are: What are the benefits of a SOC report other than to satisfy our customer contractual requirements? How can I further leverage my SOC report for marketing purposes? These are great questions that highlight the benefits of […]

What’s New for SOC 1 Reports in 2023

Overview Organizations who intend to issue a SOC 1 Report to their customers and business partners in 2023 should be well into planning now for changes in the guidance that impact service organizations and their auditors. This article highlights changes released in February 2023 by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), who publishes […]

SOC 2 CC6: Common Criteria related to Logical and Physical Access

What is SOC 2 Logical and Physical Access (CC6)? Organizations are responsible for controlling logical and physical access to their protected information by using appropriate security software, infrastructure, and architectures. Implementing and maintaining these necessary controls will protect your company’s valuable data and prevent unwanted security events. It will also help you meet the requirements […]

Emails Siphoned from Microsoft Servers

We have learned yet one more reason to refrain ourselves from sending confidential information through email. Yesterday, Microsoft released a statement confirming that zero-day vulnerabilities have been used in an effort to siphon emails from Microsoft Exchange servers. HAFNIUM, a group of Chinese hackers that typically target U.S sectors including private business and government, used […]

Reduce Costs And Data Loss / Windows Virtual Desktop

Reduce Costs And Data Loss / Windows Virtual Desktop Background Organizations of all sizes struggle with the new norm of supporting a remote workforce. The first challenge is provisioning appropriate hardware, usually a laptop that can be secured and managed. Then there are the physical security concerns of the remote worker. Where are they setting […]

The Human Firewall – A Company’s Greatest Asset

In a world where everything is connected via the internet, companies continue the battle to keep their digital assets protected. Retail chains work relentlessly to keep customer credit cards from being stolen. The medical industry is tasked with keeping HIPAA and PII (Personal Identifiable Information) data locked down. Small businesses battle to keep their systems […]