General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enforced in May 2018. The new General Data Protection Regulation changed the way businesses and organizations handle personal information. Due to the rapid pace of technological changes, digital information is being created, used, stored and distributed on a very large scale. The old structure of data handling, therefore, is no longer adequate to meet the challenges arising from globalization and technological advancements. Organizations will have to adapt to GDPR data transfer rules when transferring personal data outside the EU. Nevertheless, in addition to the opportunities and benefits it generates, GDPR also increases the organization’s obligations and investments made to be GDPR compliant. In case organizations fail to comply with the GDPR requirements, the penalties can reach up to € 10 million or 2% of an organization’s annual turnover, whichever is greater.

AARC-360 has highly qualified resources certified in ISO 27001, BS 10012, and ISO 27701 and can provide a comprehensive consulting services to the organizations helping them comply with GDPR requirements.

AARC-360 will perform an initial gap analysis to identify the maturity of the organization with respect to GDPR articles.

A Certified Data Protection Officer (CDPO) from AARC-360 will guide the organization to meet the gaps by formulating the required policies and procedures.

AARC-360 will help the organization in performing Data Protection Impact Analysis (DPIA) using an eGRC tool. AARC-360 will analyze the organization’s application/s to define the data model and process model to identify the impacted data elements and processes.

AARC-360 will also assess the risks arising from gaps in compliance and will help the organization in mitigating the associated risks using the eGRC tool.