Aleksander Bilinski

Reporting and Engagement Support Specialist

866-576-4414 Ext. 126

Alek Bilinski is a valuable and seasoned professional with a plethora of experience in customer service and business management. With over 6 years in medical practice management, Alek takes a hands-on approach when performing projects with precision and integrity.

Originally from Rochester New York, Alek earned an Associate’s degree in Radiologic Technologies. He put that degree to work in the medical field treating cancer patients with therapeutic radiation. He has taken that mindset of changing the world for the better and has successfully treated 1,000’s of patients in the hopes of curing their cancer. This role allowed him to move into the practice manager position where he took his skills and expertise and helped transform a small medical practice into one of Atlanta’s busiest plastic surgery practices. He has brought that same mentality, experience, and attitude to the IT compliance and cybersecurity risk management field where he is dedicated to offering our clients with precise and accurate reports.

Now Alek has brought those accumulated skills and experiences to AARC-360 as the Reporting and Engagement Support Specialist. As AARC-360 continues to grow, Alek will look to support the company and provide outstanding service. With Alek’s dedication, he is ready to tackle anything that is sent his way and knows that with his help, AARC-360 will be even more successful going forward.