Garrett Morgan

Staff Audit Consultant


Areas of Concentration


Garrett Morgan is a Staff Audit Consultant at AARC-360, who joined the company shortly after completing his bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity from Brigham Young University.

Prior to joining AARC-360, Garrett worked as a Security Analyst at Arctic Wolf while attending school. During his time there, he learned the value of work ethic and saw an improvement in his communication skills. These characteristics, along with others, will undoubtedly assist Garrett during his tenure at AARC-360.

In addition, Garrett volunteered for two years on a service mission in Melbourne, Australia, where he learned how to be self-instructed and work effectively with individuals from different cultures.

Currently, Garrett is determined to gain more audit experience and aims to obtain the CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) certification as part of his professional growth.