Vaishali Gonsalves

HR and Finance Manager

866-576-4414 Ext. 114


Vaishali is a dedicated HR / Finance Manager with in-depth knowledge of administrative processes and managing successful relationships with employees and clients. In her HR function, she is responsible for maintaining an organized employee database by collecting records and carefully organizing paperwork associated with existing and future employees. She is adept in handling personnel related issues, and adhering to laws and regulations governing recruitment and employment practices. She brings forth a positive attitude and strong work ethic. As a Finance Manager, Vaishali is also responsible for managing AARC-360’s day to day bookkeeping, accounting and financial requirements and raising awareness of financial issues that matter. She is responsible for preparing bank reconciliations, and managing the cash-flow needs of AARC-360.

Prior to joining AARC-360, Vaishali was employed with the Gwinnett County Public School system as an Educator teaching all subjects at the Elementary level.